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BI-10-03550, Additional Capacity Requirements at CR (DD) Provides installation of new storage tanks, piping and Terminal Management System (TMS), modifications at three (3) Central Region Bulk Plants (BPs) which are North Riyadh Bulk Plant and Terminal Unit, Qassim Bulk Plant and Sullayill Bulk Plant.
BI-3528, Custody Meters Installation at Jeddah Refinery Upgrade the existing custody metering system, install new measuring systems where required to monitor, control, and measure transferred flow quantities of crude oil and refined petroleum products to and from the Jeddah Refinery tank farm, and commission the upgraded custody metering system. Perform the detailed design engineering, material procurement and construction on a turnkey basis.
Construction of two 300,000 BBLs A-187 (NAPTHA) 2002 Storage Tanks SAUDI CHEVRON PHILLIPS CO., JUBAIL SAUDI ARABIA Construction of two new 300,000 BBLs capacity A-187 (Naphtha) Storage Tank in accordance with API 650 requirement
PSA/Cyclohexane Debottleneck Project SAUDI CHEVRON PHILLIPS. CO., JUBAIL SAUDI ARABIA Modification of Piping system, extension of PSA skid and installation of new PSA absorber vessel and tail gas surge drum.
Luberef Tar, Extract and Heavy Fuel Oil Plant SAUDI BINLADIN/LUBEREF II Design and Engineering of a new Tar and Heavy Fuel Oil Plant. The project included provision of new tankage, product and stripping pumps, mixers loading arms and in-plant piping from an existing tar plant to the new facilities.
Operating Platform and Pipe Supports SAUDI CHEVRON PHILLIPS CO., SAUDI ARABIA Construct a new operating platform and pipe support for the new 16” control station (PS-16286) near D-1610.
SAUDI CHEVRON PHILLIPS CO., SAUDI ARABIA Stress Analysis on 24” dia. Low and Medium Pressure Steam Line
Design of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Plant and Support Facilities ROYAL COMMISSION Expansion of existing Water Treatment Plants 1, 2 & 3 and upgrading of support facilities i.e. raw water wells, pipelines, tanks, pumps, etc.
Royal Commission Sea Water Cooling Expansion Project ROYAL COMMISSION Design and Engineering of a new Sea Water Cooling Facilities with all associated heavy pumping units, traveling screens, piping, tanks, chlorination facility, electrical substation and distribution network, instruments, civil/structural and ancillary facilities to supply seawater to all industrial plants in Jubail Industrial City.
Product Distribution Facilities Modernization Projects:- BI-3757 (Eastern Region) BI-3758 (Central Region); BI-3759 (Western Region); SAUDI ARAMCO Modernization of twenty-three (23) Bulk Plants located throughout the Eastern, Central and Western Regions of Saudi Arabia. This project will install facilities in each bulk plant which will enable SAUDI ARAMCO to operate in a cost effective manner and to improve product accountability. Each plant will be provided with a Computerized Terminal Management System (TMS) to control and monitor operations. New flow metering and meter provers and modularized bottom loading and or unloading stations with vapor control, improved traffic control, automated ingress/egress systems, staged pumping with aboveground piping and required infrastructure to support operating activities related to truck loading and or unloading. In addition, oily water sewer separation and tank gauging will be installed.
Salt Plant Well Water Treatment Plant SAUDI PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY (SADAF) Installation of a 7,000 M3 per day Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water Treatment Plant at the existing Salt Plant of SADAF located in Ar-Riyas, 45 Km. from the main SADAF Plant in Al-Jubail.
Riyadh Refinery Fire System Upgrade RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA The project provides for the replacement of all corroded fire water mains with carbon steel cement-lined pipe. This includes 27,000 meters of pipe ranging from 4" to 30" in diameter. The underground piping is fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated. New post indicator type isolation valves are installed. A 3000 gpm electric driven pump, a 3000 gpm diesel driven pump and three 300 gpm jockey pumps are added to Pump Station No. 1 to upgrade the present pumping capacity. The project further provides for the removal, relocation or new installation of hydrants, monitors, hose reels and deluge systems. Water spray coverage is provided to the critical process equipment by monitors, deluge systems or horse reels.
BI-1002, Jizan Bulk Plant Expansion, Saudi Aramco, Jeddah, KSA Expansion on an existing Bulk Plant at Jizan. The expansion included the addition of 2 SPMs with PLEM, offshore manifold, two 24" offshore pipelines, firewater pumps and intake structure, expansion of firewater system to include new facilities, 3 diesel tanks, 3 gasoline tanks, conversion of 4 existing tanks to jet fuel, loading pumps, truck loading racks, buildings and all other support facilities.
Other projects completed for year 1994 and below are not included anymore, please contact Arabian Consulting Engineering for further details.
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