ACEC Computer-Aided Engineering Services (CAES) engineering and design capability is structured around a centrally located nucleus of 25 high-end PC graphic workstations. CADD workstation, and a full complement
of peripheral hardware that includes two (2) "A0" size and one (1) “60 inch wide” plotters, HP colour printers with presentation capability.

Projects are supported by additional workstations as required in a manner that will provide the most effective project design productivity. This includes assigning workstations to project work areas, design/engineering discipline work areas, job site locations, or general CAES work areas. Where possible connectivity between CAES workstations, plotters, and printers through a Local Area Network (LAN) using Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 server.

Workstations may be operational twenty-four hours a day (seven days per week when required) and may be manned by the use of multiple shift and/or extended man-hour working if required. Workstations typically use AutoCAD 2008, and Bentley Microstation SE and Bentley Microstation v8 software packages. Full AutoCAD/Microstation conversion capabilities are used to support Client file translation requirements.

Specialized CAES capabilities includes the preparation of Raster files for existing manually prepared drawings, and the updating of these files (using Intergraph I/RAS PC software) with plant "as-built" information. Electronic drawing files, can be provided to Clients on recordable or rewritable CD-Rom on HP-CD writer, mini data cartridge tapes – hp dds-4 (QIC-40 or QIC-80 format), or diskette, IO ZIP.Disk (100 Mb).

ACEC also has more than 100 IBM Compatible PC's dedicated to Engineering and support departments. ACEC has full data transfer capabilities, via our 1mb dedicated wireless P2P connection, and 8mb DSL connection as backup, linking us to our affiliate's headquarters and operation centers, and to Client offices, vendor offices and jobsite location.

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