ACEC I&C department has the capabilities of Performing Instrumentation & Control System Design with the state of the art technology as per required by the clients. These include all types of projects from Conceptual Study to Front-End Engineering, Detailed Engineering design, Construction and Technical Supports, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Activities with the capabilities of delivering projects of this nature irrespective of size, scale, and quantity.

We perform detailed engineering design for Process Automation System such as SCADA/DCS/ESD and RTU (Honeywell, Yokogawa, Emerson, Bristol Bobcock, Siemens and Triconex), Auxiliary System Design for Vibration Monitoring System (VMS), Temperature Monitoring, Compressor Control System (CCS), Turbine Control, Tank Gauging System and Development of Specifications for Interface between Automation system & Auxiliary and the type of Protocols like OPC, MODBUS and Foundation Fieldbus.

ACEC List of Software for I&C:

•  Smart Plant Instrumentation
•  Smart Plant P&ID
•  SRV 6 (Relief Valve Sizing)
•  ORICALC 2 (Orifice Calculation)

ACEC key Drawings for I&C:

•  System Architecture
•  Cable Block Diagram
•  Cause and Effect Diagram
•  Logic Diagrams (DCS/ESD)
•  Wiring Diagrams
•  Instrument Loop Diagrams (ILD)
•  Instrument Segment Diagram
•  Instrument Location Plan
•  Instrument Cable Routing Plan
•  Junction Box Layout & Details
•  Instrument Piping Details (Hook-up)
•  Instrument Electrical Details
•  DCS Marshaling Cabinet Layout & Details
•  ESD Marshaling Cabinet Layout & Details
•  Relay Panel Layout & Details
•  Layout for the required Plant Automation.
•  Foundation Fieldbus design, Segmentation and Implementation.

ACEC key Documents for I&C:

•  Instrument I/O Database
•  Instrument Specification Sheets (Data Sheets)
•  Relief Valve sizing calculation using SRV 56.1.1 program.
•  Orifice calculation using ORICALC 2 program.
•  Functional Specification Documents (FSD) for Process Control Systems.
•  Control Narratives
•  Alarm and Trip set point list
•  Review of Non-Material Requisition (NMR)
•  Review of Vendor Commercial/Technical Bid evaluation.
•  Construction scope of work
•  Construction specification
•  Material Take-off List
•  Bill of Materials
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