Project Control
ACEC project control department executes projects within the budget and time frame for an effective project management. It also has the capability to develop budget quality and detailed cost estimates for clients for the purpose of funding ensuing phases of the projects such as detail design, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

Project Control and Scheduling

We developed and used industry-accepted methodology for project control that has been proven effective in monitoring of progress, expenditure, productivity, and time table for activities and deliverables.

Different levels of summaries may also be generated from the project control system to suit client's specific requirements. The reports generated include:
Deliverables Control List (DCL),
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and/ or discipline summaries,
progress ‘S' curves,
Manpower/Man-hour histograms,
Other client-specified reports.
Man-hour data, summarized by WBS, employee, and/ or discipline are produced from an in-house timekeeping database program that serves as support in generating payrolls and other accounting man-hour-based functions.

Cost Control

Cost control, actual and forecast, is produced both for the company and for cost-reimbursable projects. A project budget is broken down into specific cost elements such as labour, business travels, deliverables reproduction and packaging, subcontracts, material, etc., and is controlled at these levels. Cost sub-elements and indirect such as corporate and department overheads, payroll burdens, contingencies and escalations, depreciations, facilities and utilities, etc. are also considered and integrated into appropriate main cost elements.

Cost Estimate

As part of Project Proposal or FEED (front-end engineering and design) projects, we develop budget quality detailed cost estimate for the purpose of budgeting funds for the ensuing phases of the project such as detail design, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

The cost estimating process includes:
Preparing of bulk material or quantity takeoff,
Developing capital equipment list,
Generating requests for and obtaining quotations for major equipment/ materials,
Estimating construction man-hours,
Calculating all-in labour costs (directs and indirect),
Determining and costing construction equipment usage,
Calculating other cost elements of the project.
Cost estimating also includes development of overall project execution schedule which is one of the bases for determining most of indirect costs like temporary facilities, management staffing, etc.

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