HVAC Engineering

ACEC HVAC Engineering department has a full HVAC design capability supported by experienced engineers. These include all types of projects from Conceptual Study to Front-End Engineering, Detailed Engineering design, Construction and Technical Supports, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Activities.

Our HVAC detailed engineering design including selection of heating/cooling systems, split system, cooling towers, package Unit, boilers, chillers and ventilation system to provide comfortable environment. Also duct sizing, layouts and different load/pressure calculations.

ACEC HVAC Engineering List of Software
  • Elite Software for HVAC load calculation “Chvac 8.02.11”
  • Elite Software “Ductsize”
  • McQuay Design tools “Ductsizer”
  • GreenheckPsychrometric chart analyzer “PsyChart”
ACEC HVAC Engineering Key Drawings
  • HVAC duct layout.
  • HVAC equipment arrangement.
  • HVAC sections and details.
  • HVAC Flow diagram.
  • HVAC wall openings details.
  • HVAC power and control diagram.
  • HVAC installation details.
  • HVAC equipment schedule.
  • HVAC Chilled water piping layout.
  • HVAC legends, notes and symbols.
ACEC HVAC Engineering Key Documents
  • HVAC thermal load analysis.
  • HVAC technical specifications.
  • HVAC construction/installation specifications.
  • HVAC assessment for existing system.
  • HVAC external static pressure calculation.
  • Construction scope of work
  • Construction specification
  • Material Take-off List
  • Bill of Materials
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