ACEC Process Engineering Department are capable of undertaking all aspects of process design and are particularly adept at liaising closely with Clients to develop Projects, with the latest technology & compatible vendor interfaces and familiarity with the latest industrial & International codes & standards.

We are responsible for gathering of all process data/information associated with the project requirements and/or performs thorough review of all the process data provided by the client in order to specifically define the project objectives. Perform system verification and develop alternative cases/schemes. Generate process flow diagrams and system design configuration including the associated plant utilities.

ACEC Process Engineering List of Software:

•  Honeywell - UniSim
•  Water CAD
•  HYSYS (case to case basis)
•  HTRI (case to case basis)
•  FLARENET (case to case basis)

ACEC Process Engineering key Drawings:

•  Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDS)
•  Safeguarding Flow Diagram (SFD)
•  Valve Operating Diagrams (VODS)
•  Development of demolition drawings
•  Cause and effect diagram
•  Fire water flow scheme
•  Hazardous area classifications
•  Preparation of As-built Drawings

ACEC Process Engineering key Documents:

•  Process Dynamic simulation
•  Hydraulic calculations/analysis, surge analysis, etc.
•  Chemical and Catalyst Summary
•  Process study state simulations
•  Process design basis, process data/information, project scope narratives and objectives
•  Relief and blow down philosophy
•  Design pressure and temperature philosophy
•  Isolations and draining philosophy
•  Process control shutdown philosophy
•  Starting-up & shutdown philosophies
•  Process safeguarding description
•  Defining sparing philosophy (based on project requirement)
•  Effluents & waste summary
•  Item List / Equipment Summary With Corresponding Capacities/Sizes Information
•  Process data sheets
•  Line designation tables (LDTS)
•  Process plant interfaces summary
•  PHA/HAZOP/SIL support & review
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