Procurement utilizes an in-house developed format which is selectively modified to which specifically reflects particular conditions, procurement criteria, and requirements such as the use of client's procurement forms developed for each project.

ACEC procurement team supports the ACEC project team to ensure the project critical success factors are met.

We are customer oriented, creative, flexible and capable of working within scheduling constraints that demand immediate action as well as in dealing with international purchasing activities relating to, but not limited to, the following:
Documentation and customs clearance procedures,
Financial banking transactions including establishing international letters of credit,
International business practices and communications,
Governmental regulations,
Trafficking and tracing of worldwide manufactured equipment/materials,
Export packing.
The materials management function will generally be carried out by personnel assigned to the project task force who will work under the direction and control of the Project Procurement Coordinator. This individual has overall responsibility for the following activities:
Traffic Services
Vendor Data Coordination

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