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The Piping/Pipeline Department has the capabilities of performing Piping and Pipeline Design using the latest technology in the market today that includes Conceptual Study to Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), Detailed Engineering Design (DED) and Engineering Support during Construction Stage.

The Department Personnel are responsible for executing all piping/pipeline related activities to meet the Client’s requirement and satisfaction including Quality Assurance to ensure all documents and drawings are done in accordance with the Project Requirements, Specifications, Standards and Codes prior to any review submittals and Issued for Construction (IFC) Packages.

The function of Piping/Pipeline Department includes a wide range of activities such as:

Development of -

•  Detailed Design Engineering (DED) drawings and documents,
•  Conceptual Study and Design Basis Scoping Paper (DBSP),
•  Technical Specifications and Procedures,
•  Construction Scope of Work, Construction Specifications and Cut-Over Plan/Procedures,
•  Material Take-Off list / Bill of Materials.

Performing –

•  Piping Material Selection,
•  Technical Bid Evaluation and Review/Approval of Vendor Drawings,
•  Pipe Stress Analysis (Static and Dynamic),
•  Safety Instruction Sheets (SIS) Calculation for Critical Piping and Cross-Country Pipelines,
•  Constructability Study,
•  Population Density Analysis,
•  Various engineering calculations such as, Hot Tap, Road Crossing, Minimum Required Pipe Cover, Elastic Bend
     and other miscellaneous calculations,
•  Engineering calculations for Firewater and Fire Protection System Design using Water Cad and Fire Elite
•  Field Verifications to check the actual site condition prior to start of any design activities.
•  Preparation of As-Built drawings and Project Record Books.

Through the years, Piping/Pipeline Department has been involved in doing wide variety of inside and outside of the kingdom projects such as:

A. On-Shore / Off-Shore Piping:

•  Oil Refineries
•  Gas Plants
•  Petrochemical Plants
•  Steel Plants
•  Desalination and Power Plants
•  Gas and Oil Separation Plants (GOSP)
•  Petroleum Product Bulk Plants
•  Tank Farm Facilities
•  Waste Water Treatment Facilities
•  Water Injection Facilities
•  Seawater Intake Facilities
•  Industrial Support Facilities
•  Firewater and Fire Protection Systems

B. Pipeline:

•  Cross-Country Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines
•  Scraper Launcher/Receiver and Main Line Valve Station Facilities
•  Flow Lines / Trunk Lines and Remote Header Facilities
•  Khuff Gas Wellhead Facilities
•  Water Supply Pipeline and Storage Facilities
•  Natural Gas Distribution Networks
•  Pipeline Laterals and Day lighting
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