QA Management
Commitment to Quality:
Arabian Consulting Engineering Center (ACEC) is committed to deliver quality products and services to the total satisfaction of the customers ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements at all times, at maximum effectiveness that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders as well as improve our financial performance. The drive and focus is thus on the enhancement of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of Quality Management System and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Quality Management System (QMS) Manual
The ACEC QMS Manual contains the ACEC Quality Policies and Objectives for each applicable clauses of ISO 9001:2015. This Quality Manual is supported by detailed quality procedures that identify responsibility and specific activities that affect quality.

Design Phase Objectives
The ACEC Project Quality Plan (PQP) is prepared to define the project design phase, procedures and responsibilities to assure that engineering and design task are performed in accordance with the Contract requirements, engineering procedures, instructions and approved forms. Project Engineering Plan” & “Engineering & Design Document Control" are used to define engineering and design controls applicable to the project.

Organizational and Technical Interface
The ACEC Project Controls Implementation Plan (PCIP) identifies the organizational interfaces. The QMS Manual provides for the design procedures for the project and covers all aspects of the Design Work phase.

Engineering and Design Drawings:
The ACEC QMS Manual implements procedures for a verification process. Effective implementation of the design verification process is checked through multiple Internal Quality Audits that are scheduled, as a minimum, to coincide with the milestone dates of each project.

Design Changes and Non-conformances:
Evaluation, preparation, checking, issuing and control of the design changes are governed by the procedures referenced in the ACEC QMS Manual. Non-conformance and Corrective Action logs are maintained to provide current status of outstanding (and corrected) deficiencies.

Document Control:
The ACEC QMS Manual provides procedures for the control of issuance, recall and revision of documents.

Quality Organization:
ACEC has appointed a Quality Management Representative who is responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of the ACEC Quality Program for all ACEC organization.. He has the organization freedom and authority to:

•  Initiate action to prevent occurrences of non-conformances.
•  Identify and record any quality problems.
•  Initiate, recommend or provide solutions through designated channels.
•  Verify the implementation of solutions and corrective actions.
•  Control further processing of nonconforming project deliverables until corrective actions are 
•  Efficiency or unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.

This is discipline check and shall be mentioned as activities of Quality Management Representative.

Project Quality Plan:
Project Quality Assurance Representatives or Coordinators are responsible for providing projects with Quality Management System (QMS) expertise and assistance in developing proactive systems to eliminate quality problems before they occur.

•  Project Quality Assurance Representatives are also responsible for assisting in the development of
     solutions to address quality issues that may arise during the execution of projects.
•  Project Quality Assurance Representatives are responsible for reviewing quality data, such as those
     produced by Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Cost & Scheduling, and Construction, for 
     the purposes of determining the effectiveness of the quality system, identifying trends as a means of
     preventing the recurrence of quality problems.

Quality Audits Project:
Quality Audits are scheduled, planned and performed in accordance with documented procedures and the results reported to management. Corrective action will be reviewed and verified with the performance of follow-up audits to ensure that the quality system implemented on the project is effective.
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