Gen.Engg Services (GES)
Project Descriptions Work Type Major Discipline Client
EWO 05C209, Upgrade Lighting System at Mubarraz JSTC II Bldgs. DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C163, New Drain Pit at BB-1 Receiver Trap, Berri Junction DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C174, D &WOSD, Adm. Bldg. Abqaiq DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO 018/05, Electrical Power Distribution Study DED Electrical KJO
BI-8261, Utmaniyah GOSPS 7, 8 & 10 Control Systems Upgrade DED Instrumentation/ Electrical Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C195, Revisions to GSE Shelter at KFIA Dammam DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C183, New Chemical Warehouse at Uthmaniyah Storeyard DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Electrical System Study DED


EWO 05C107, Upgrade HVAC System at SATC Building 9112, Dhahran North DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO Nos. 05C104/105/106, Upgrade HVAC Ssytems at SATC Bldgs. 9113, 9132, 9133 Dhahran North DED Mechanical Saudi Aramco
BI-0181, Replace Tank Gauging at Juaymah Tank Farm and Ras Tanura Terminal, North PP Electrical Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C155, As-Built Isometrics & Prepare OSI Sketches for UGP & UBTG Scraper Traps DED Piping Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C189, Miscellaneous Engineering & Design Support for Various CADMU Proponents DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO 05C159, Installation of O/H Traveling Crane at SASREF Oil Metering Skid, Jubail DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Design Services for Yamama Cement Company Power Plant Fuel Gas Piping Works DED Piping Bin Quraya Est.
EWO 05C140, Standard Design of Crash Barricade, Installation DED Electrical Saudi Aramco
Dammam Industrial City 2 Natural Gas Distribution System DED Piping East Gas Co. Ltd.
Hydraulic Calculations DED Piping NGDC
Consultancy Work for the Preparation of Design & Specifications of Natural Gas Piping DED Piping Rasass
EWO 012/05 & 013/05 Replacement of Fire Detection & Fire Fighting System at Offshore Control Platform (OCP) DED Instrumentation KJO
Engineering & Design Services for Construction of Natural Gas for HENKEL DED Piping Bin Quraya
EWO #05C124, Automate Existing SASREF Crude Oil Sampling System, Jubail DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO #05C120, Upgrade SASREF Crude Oil Metering Control System, Jubail DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO #05C128, Provision of Misc. Engg & Design Support for Various CADMU Proponents DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Engineering & Design Services for Yamama Cement Factory Power House Phase-II DED Civil Bin Quraya
Provide New HVAC System at C&BMD Materials Warehouse, Bldg. 7003, Dhahran DED Mechanical Saudi Aramco
Replacing Cooling Towers at A/C Plant #1, Al-Hasa DED Mechanical Saudi Aramco
EWO #05C083, Convert Existing GOV's to MOV's at U-JUGL – Pipeline DED Civil Saudi Aramco
IT&E Plant Studies 2005 Study Electrical Saudi Aramco
EWO#008, Oil Loss, Tank Gauging & Production Manual Update DED Electrical KJO
Tagging Procedure on Hout Project DED Instrumentation KJO
Temporary Solution of DCC Room, First Floor DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Miscellaneous & Design Support for Various Design Packages DED Mechanical Saudi Aramco
Upgrade Fire Boosting Pumps at KFIA DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Security Improvement of KJO Explosive Stores & Gun Shop Handling Facilities DED Multi-Discipline KJO
EWO-05C025, 05C031, Update As-Built Drawings for Metering, RTU & DHPS Facilities AB Multi-Discipline Saudi Aramco
BI-10-0039, Req. #3000062156, Hawiyah NGL Recovery Plant – Permanent Communication Facilities DED Multi-Discipline Gen. Dyanmics
EWO-05C032, Upgrade Khursaniyah Surge Area PP Civil Saudi Aramco
Miscellaneous Engineering & Design Support for Varirous CADMU Proponents DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO-05C003, Install Class 1 Valves By-Pass for Kemya Jubail 12, 20, 10 DED Civil Saudi Aramco
EWO-04C143, Splitting the Package Air Conditioning Unit DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Replace Old Underground Jet Fuel Piping and Old Pits, Ras Tanura DED Civil Saudi Aramco
Upgrade SASREF Crude Oil Metering System, Jubail DED Civil Saudi Aramco
BI-10-03076, Shedgum GOSP 2 Control System Upgrade PP Instrumentation Saudi Aramco
Install the Detection & Alarm System at Various KJO Bldg. DED Instrumentation KJO
Bus Stop Shelter & Approach Walkway at SADAF Main Gate DED Instrumentation SADAF
Runway Repair at Shaybah Airstrip DED Civil Saudi Aramco
FEED to develop the Project Proposal for the Installation of Integrated Well Jacket (IWJ-4) DED Mechanical KJO
Industrial Ventures Studies Study Electrical Saudi Aramco
Electrical Distribution System for AOC Home Ownership DED Electrical KJO
Provision of Miscellaneous Eng'g. & Design Support for CADMU Proponent DED Multi-Discipline Saudi Aramco
Installation of Isolation Valves on Suction & Discharge of 22K10/12 DED Instrumentation SADAF
Other projects completed year 2004 and below are not included anymore, please contact Arabian Consulting Engineering for further details.
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