LSTK Experiences
Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK) Experiences
Project Descriptions Work Type Major Discipline Client
BI-10-03565, Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Facilities at Rastaura and Ju'aymah Terminals Project DED Multi-Discipline Al-Suwaidi
ITB Preparation for NGDC Project Phase II PP Multi-Discipline NGDC
Firewater Upgrade at Jeddah Refinery & Marine Area DED Multi-Discipline Imad
SSSP P/L Engineering Detail Design – S3 DED Multi-Discipline Confidential
Sales Gas Project PP & DED Multi-Discipline LUBEREF
ITB Preparation for NGDC Project Phase II PP Multi-Discipline NGDC
Contract No. 74035/00 Custody Meters Installation at Jeddah Refinery DED Instrumentation LALCO/Saudi Aramco
Depentanizer Column Evaluation PP Plant Design Saudi Chevron
Engineering Services (Design & Engineering) for the work associated w/ Kemya Cold Condensate Header DED Plant Design Kemya
Refinery Instruction Manual DED Pipeline McConnell Dowell
NGDC Gas Distribution Project DED Pipeline McConnell Dowell
LUBEREF Tar, Extract & H.O. Plant DED Plant Design Saudi Binladin
BI-3000, RasTanura to Dhahran Multi Product Pipeline DED Pipeline McConnell Dowell Saudi Arabia
SCECO-C Fuel Gas Works at Power Plant 9 DED Plant Design Al-Joaib Company
Khatiyah Degassing Stations Upgrade & Consolidated Pipelines DED, PS, CS, AB Plant Design Qatar General Petroleum Corp.
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